Dreamflow, Acrylic, 2002

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Mount Lassen, Watercolor, 2003

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Love at First Sight, Charcoal, 2002

Love at First Sight, Charcoal, 2002

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Rainbow Lightning, Watercolor, 2002

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Wolf Rock, Watercolor, 1998

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This is the second painting from our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, MX. The water taxi guide told us the tall rock formation was called “Wolf Rock” as it appears to be howling right out of the ocean. I remember the day when My husband Ian and I came out to this area the waves were really choppy and large when we got the tour. The boat was like a bucking bronco riding the waves. The water taxi man was a bit intoxicated when he dropped us off and like “Captain Jack Sparrow” when he returned to pick us up! I remember gripping onto the boat and my new husband’s hand, hoping we would make it past one week as newlyweds, back to the shore and the States. Needless to say we survived and here we are older (OK 10 years older), still very happy and have two beautiful daughters we love and cherish every moment, every wonderful day!